The Dquad RefleX is an X-shaped frame that has all the good features of the iniMini H and has specifically been designed for all the X-shape-fans out there. The top plate as well as the fpv camera mount have the same interfaces as the iniMini H quad. This makes it a perfect addition to your Dquad fleet since those components are interchangeable.

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  • GO!!!
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Power Distribution Board

Custom made to allow for a very clean build. It integrates ESC + & -, chase leds and has v-bat & buzzer interfaces.

Strong Center Core

Because of the special design of the arms, a strong core is created and the posibility of incidental arm movement is eliminated.

4mm thick carbon fiber arms

M3 and M2 screw mounting patterns to fit a wide variety of motors (1306,1806, 2204 & 2206)

FPV Camera Mount

Simple but very effective adjustable mount for your FPV camera (optimized for the HS1177)